The Good News: No Tongue Tie


Abel James

The Good News is that Abel doesn’t have a tongue tie.

The Bad News is he is still not able to fully nurse like he needs to.

So the pediatrician said that Abel doesn’t have a tongue tie, he does however have a lip tie. It’s not the ultimate reason for his breastfeeding troubles but it’s not helping either. He just appears to have a weak latch.

I have noticed improvements as I’ve been working with him over the past several days. In fact he actually latched on, maintained the latch and was able to completely nurse for the first time today, while we were at the doctor’s office. I was very encouraged by his improvement today.

He is also a very sleepy eater. We are having a lot of trouble keeping him awake long enough to complete a feeding. Last night we spend between 3-4 hours trying to get him to eat without falling asleep. He falls asleep and then wakes a few minutes later realizing he still hungry.

Needless to say Joe and I are both pretty exhausted from it all but it’s hitting Joe particularly hard. Since he’s still recovering from the cold he got before Abel was born he’s feeling the lack of sleep. He’s developed a pretty rough cough and has actually bruised his ribs from coughing so much. Hopefully, he can get some rest soon. Hopefully, we can all get some rest soon.


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