How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Movie Review

A few weeks ago Jude and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2. We loved it.

how to train your dragon 2We saw the 3D version which was pretty impressive but I was most amazed at the depth of the story line, especially for a kids movie. I will warn that if your kids are sensitive this might be a little overwhelming for them. Jude didn’t seem phased by some of the more dramatic scenes and I could actually see him connecting emotionally with the characters and understanding the plot of the story.

Without giving away too much of the movie this is a story of a young man, Hiccup and his journey to discover what makes him strong and unique. He discovers that what he thought was the definition of strong wasn’t necessarily true. It’s a beautiful written script about self discovery and embracing what makes each person unique and special.

I think this is a great movie for elementary and older age children since there are some more intense scenes and concepts that might be difficult for younger children to understand.

The thrilling second chapter of the epic HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON trilogy returns to the fantastical world of the heroic Viking Hiccup and his faithful dragon Toothless.  The inseparable duo must protect the peace – and save the future of men and dragons from the power-hungry Drago.

I received passes to the featured event in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions stated are my own.


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