Surviving the 10 month sleep regression

I think we’ve made it through the 10 month sleep regression. It was a rough week but we’ve come out the other side fairly unharmed.

Noah is learning all sorts of new tricks and his little brain is going 100 miles a minute which makes sleep nearly impossible for him. Last Thursday night Joe and I took turns trying to calm him back to sleep. Finally around 4 am he fell asleep nursing and co-sleeping with us. We were exhausted. We were able to get in a few glorious hours of sleep before Jude woke up (a mere 3 hours later).

Over the weekend we continued to battle over naps and bedtime but I think we’re finally making headway. 
My plan of attack: run him until he passes out. Since I can’t force him to sleep my only plan is to keep going until he’s so tired that he has no choice but to sleep. Help stimulate his little brain and body so there is nothing left to do or think about except sleep.

For the first time in over a week he’s actually taking a morning nap. So here’s hoping we’re past this phase and back to being happy sleepers.

Sleep is my happy place and I really need a few hours of solid sleep to be able to function.

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