The Carousel at Pullen Park


We love Pullen Park. A few weeks ago we rode the train and Jude thought it was awesome. Well, last week I promised Jude we would ride the carousel. We rode the Gustave A. Dentzel Carousel (1911), which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

I guess we choose a busy day to visit because we had to wait a little while to ride and I wasn’t able to get a good spot on the carousel. I had to hold Noah and stand between two horses and another mom to hold on to Jude’s horse. And boy does that thing go fast. I was a little nervous we might fly off.

At first Jude was a little nervous but then he really began to enjoy himself.

Next time we ride the carousel I will definitely have another adult with me as it’s difficult to supervise 2 small children by yourself.

But overall it was a lot of fun and reasonably priced at $1 per person.

Another item crossed our Summer Bucket List.


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