Maternity Fashion – Sleepwear

I used to think that maternity pajamas were a waste of money, but then I tried a maternity/nursing nightgown and saw what I was missing, comfort. Sleep is difficult when you are pregnant and post-partum so I suggest investing in a few comfortable sets of pajamas. I personally prefer a nightgown, specifically one with nursing access (I love a product that serves two purposes – pun intended!)

So here are a few of my favorite maternity/nursing sleepwear suggestions:
The Nursing Nightie from Amoralia. This nightgown is almost cute enough to wear as a dress. It has longer sleeves, which can sometimes be hard to come by and a flattering empire waist. It is available in slate and rose both have small polka dots. Retails for $74
This Before and After Ruffle Dress from Belabumbum is also cute enough to wear out. Actually, I might totally wear this out, it says in the description that is how it was designed! Awesome, a night out with friends and then just fall into bed, no changing! Retails for $77
For a more affordable nightgown check out the Bump in The Night Maternity Nightgown from Motherhood. At $24.95 you can’t resist it’s charm. I like the sweet little ties at the top of the shoulders and the thin stripe print. 
Also affordable is the Eve Alexander Short Sleeve Nursing Gown from Target. It looks great for night time nursing, super easy to function and comfortable for sleep. Retails for $39.99
If you’re not into nightgowns and prefer a pajama set with pants and top check out the Delia Nursing Cami and Pant from Belabumbum. I love the coral and taupe floral print of the pant and the simple design of the matching top. Retails for $75
I know I have a hard time spending money on clothes that very few people will see but that’s no excuse to be uncomfortable all night long. You’re a hard working mama and you deserve a comfortable, if not cute even, night’s rest!
What is your preferred sleepwear? 
Do you like any of the sleepwear I picked out? 

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