Bedtime Stories with Jude – "Im Not Tired Yet!"

Every night either Joe or I read a book or two to Jude before bed. Our nightly stories are probably one of the highlights to my day. Jude gets to pick out the books we read and often times he picks the same books over and over. However, it’s always exciting when we get a new book to join our collection. 

I’m Not Tired Yet! is a the newest book from beloved author and illustrator Marianne Richmond. It tells the story of a six year old little boy, Ralphie who doesn’t want to go to bed and creatively masters the art of stalling. This is the perfect book for Jude right now since he has just discovered the art of stalling. 

Ralphie’s mom handles her son’s delays with great patience and love. It’s a playful book that helps not only children but parents with the difficult task of going to bed. Jude particularly loves the engaging segments where Ralphie and his mom kiss, hug, pinch and poke each other. Jude wants to recreate each moment with me which is a truly lovely experience. The book has also taught me to react lovingly to Jude’s tactics to delay his bed time. 
This really is a fun book and has certainly helped us to ease the pain of ending playtime and getting ready for bedtime.
I received the feature product free for review. However, the opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.

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