Preschool Christmas Craft: A lot of Learning Packed in One Easy Project

Now that it is December we have shifted or daily learning time from our Fall Preschool Projects to Christmas projects. I started our Christmas projects with a Count-down to Christmas Paper Chain. We made a decorative fall paper chain that Jude loved so I thought we needed a Christmas chain. 
What I love about the Count-Down to Christmas Paper Chain is that it offers many valuable teaching moments.

1. Color Recognition – I’ve been teaching colors to Jude and I am beginning to see my efforts pay off. We used RED and GREEN construction paper both of which he very easily identified.

2. Pattern Learning – I started our chain with an alternating RED and GREEN pattern then let Jude take over. He picked up on the pattern immediately and made sure to keep it going.

3. Dexterity – After I showed Jude how to loop the paper links together he was very intent on doing it himself. I enjoyed watching him skillfully feed each paper through the loop. 

4. Counting and Number Recognition – After we assembled our chain we counted the loops and wrote the corresponding number on each loop. Jude has been able to count to 20 for a while but we ventured up to 26 and he did pretty well.

5. Time and Waiting – Each day we will break a link off of the chain until we have counted down to Christmas morning. Before I had kids I never though about having to teach someone the concept of “tomorrow” or “waiting” but kids don’t immediately understand waiting or the idea of a day. I hoping this will give Jude a little better handle on the concept of time.

It’s amazing how one simple project can teach so many different skills to a child.

Make your own Count-Down to Christmas Paper Chain
Construction Paper – I used Red and Green

Step 1 – Cut the paper into 1 inch strips (approximate – I just eyeball it)
Step 2 – Make a circle with the paper and tape the ends together.
Step 3 – Loop the next piece of paper through the 1st link and tape ends together.
Step 4 – Continue looping paper through and add tape to ends until chain is complete
Step 5 – Count out loud number of link on the chain.
Step 6 – Write the corresponding numbers on each link. (You can do this before the chain is assembled to make it easier to write.)
Step 7 – Hang up your chain and start counting down till Christmas.

Each day until Christmas break off 1 link in the chain.

Super Simple. Super Fun.


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