My Top 5 Gifts to Give a New Mom

Sweet newborn babies draw a lot of attention… and gifts! I mean who can resist buying tiny little baby clothes? Baby clothes are nice but there are only so many times you can change a baby’s clothes. So go ahead and buy the baby booties but don’t forget about mom. She did a lot of hard work and deserves a little pampering. 

Here are my top 5 gifts that I think make great gifts for any new mom. I mean I would like to receive any of them after I have a baby. (*cough-cough)

1. A Home Cooked Meal – There is nothing like eating a warm meal in your own home that you didn’t have to prepare. Adding a newborn to your home is a big transition and not having to perform household duties, especially cooking, is a much welcomed gift. 

2. Magazines, Books, or DVD – You’ll be spending a good bit of time resting in bed, healing. So having something non-baby relation to focus on offers mom a much needed mini-break.(I like Real Simple, Dwell, In Style or any celebrity gossip mag!)

3. An extra pair of hands – This seems relatively simple but sometimes just having someone there to hold the new baby while mom takes a shower or eats a meals is a huge help. And seriously, it’s a great excuse to soak in that new baby smell and get warm tiny cuddles. 

4. Something yummy and indulgent to eat – I love chocolate so if you bring me candy, cookies or ice cream I will probably kiss you. However, some moms like popcorn or fancy cheese or fresh fruit (I also like all of those things.) Find out what her favorite luxury snack food is and get her that, I promise she’ll love it.

5. Gift Certificate for a luxury service – The top two items on my list would be a gift certificate for a salon/spa treatment and a gift certificate for a maid service. Both of these are things I would rarely purchase, to never for myself but would absolutely love. Some moms might like a gift certificate to buy some non-maternity clothes or to a fancy restaurant (future date night) or maybe even a newborn photography session.

These are my top 5 but I’m sure there are many more. They vary in price and involvement so there is little something everyone. Overall, I suggest to think outside of the box keep but mind the ultimate goal is to pamper the new mom and show her how much she is loved.

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