True and Embarassing Stories – Don’t Pack the Plunger

Caution: This story may be a little gross but that’s what makes it funny.
Every time I use my En Suite Master Bath (sounds fancy right?) I think of the first time I used our new bathroom. (Being about 9 months pregnant that means I think about this story a lot!) Because I love you guys so much I wanted to share a disgustingly humorous story of love and devotion.
Scene of the crime

After a long day of moving (I did a lot of standing around directing traffic instead of actually moving anything) the whole family was a little exhausted. We’d just finished dinner. Grammy was giving Jude a bath. Joe and his dad were making sure we had things set up so we could sleep. And I had to use the bathroom. (Please excuse my honesty but it was a number 2) I enjoyed the opportunity to slip away from all of the work and take a few moments to just… relax. 

We’d never used the toilet in our Master Bath but I assumed everything would work just fine. I finished my business and flushed the toilet. Immediately I knew something was wrong. Within a second or less the water (and other various items one might find in a toilet) began to overflow. (NOTE: I did NOT clog the toilet. There was some pre-exsisting condition that caused the toilet to refuse to flush.) I screamed to Joe for help. We had no idea where the plunger was or for that matter all of the towels. Being the quick thinker he is, Joe turned off the water as I ripped open boxes labeled “Bathroom” in search of the plunger and a truck load of towels. 

I threw towels into the bathroom and we eventually found the plunger. Joe cleaned up every bit of the mess I made and was able to fix the toilet. (Now that, is love. He’s Awesome!) Now we had a pile of stinky towels and a dirty bathroom floor. I searched through a few more boxes to find the laundry detergent so I could wash the towels. (We had yet to discover that the hot and cold water connections were backwards… but that’s another story.) Then I found the cleaning supplies and we were able to rid our new bathroom of it’s funk. Needless to say we all slept very well that night. Nothing like a little flooded bathroom drama to top off a full day of moving.

Moral of the story….
Don’t Pack the Plunger

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