Next Year I’m taking Mother’s Day back

As a new-ish mom I am still getting used to appreciating Mother’s Day. I’m not sure if I want it to be a day that I spend doing something completely for myself or a day I spend with my family. (It’ll probably be a little of both.)

Yesterday was an exhausting day and nothing about it made me appreciate being a mother. While I enjoy spending time with my family I should note that this Sunday was the 3rd Sunday in a row we’ve spent with family. (And with Joe working on Saturdays that means we haven’t had a full day of relaxation in awhile.) However, because it was Mother’s Day I felt I should spend it with my mom. My dad felt he should spend it with his mom so it turned into a whole family affair. All-in-all it was pretty stressful and exhausting. Joe and I were both tired from the start after have a late but fun night out on Saturday. Jude was just in a generally cranky mood. And… oh yeah I’m super pregnant.

Last night as we finally got the chance to rest a bit I reflected upon the day. I decided that from here on out I have to plan what I want my Mother’s day will look like. (Thanks Molly Gold from Go Mom! for teaching me how to do this and not feel bad about it.)

Next year, I don’t want to cook. I want to spend the day with my 3 boys. Rest, relax and just enjoy being a family. Maybe we’ll go see a movie or pick strawberries or just take a trip to the park. It doesn’t have to be the perfect day with perfect kids with the perfect gift but it must be fun and very low key.

Did your Mother’s Day turn out like you expected?

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