Behind the Scenes of Moving

This is my life right now:
Boxes Galore. (And this is only a fraction of them)

We are moving THIS SATURDAY! 
We still have a lot to do but I am SO ready for it to be over. Packing while pregnant and watching a toddler is difficult but thankfully I have an awesome husband who stays up late making sure everything gets done.
Also, our landlord decided to install this lovely glass door on Sunday… right before we move. As you can see Jude has already decorated it with sidewalk chalk. (Here’s hoping we don’t break it during the move and that I don’t accidentally run in to it.)
So for the next few days I live in this disaster zone I call home. We trying to keep the toddler occupied, which mostly means watching Star Wars or Toy Story multiple times a day. I try to ignore the walls of boxes that seem to be closing in on me. 

Deep Breaths.

This will all be over soon.

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