Baby Naming Help

Joe and I feel that the names we pick for our children are very important. Not just so they don’t get picked on at school but because the “meaning” of a name can be very influential in who they become.

When I was pregnant with Jude (we didn’t find out the sex) we had the hardest time deciding on a boy name. We finally decided on Jude Aidan. It was such a relief. I think we may have even cried a little. We chose Jude Aidan because it not only sounds cool but has a great meaning.
Jude at 3 days old
Jude – Praise
Aidan – Fire

When we finally met him it was evident we had chosen the correct name, he just looked like a Jude. It just fit.

With this pregnancy we haven’t had as much luck picking out names. Maybe we just haven’t had the time or maybe we just haven’t found the perfect name. Either way we need help.

What do you think we should name baby #2? (We don’t know the sex so we need both boy and girl names. Something that fits as a sibling to Jude, goes well with the last name Lieb and has a good meaning)

Baby Names….. GO!

Here are few names we are throwing around… nothing is definite yet.

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