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Joe and I feel that the names we pick for our children are very important. Not just so they don’t get picked on at school but because the “meaning” of a name can be very influential in who they become.

When I was pregnant with Jude (we didn’t find out the sex) we had the hardest time deciding on a boy name. We finally decided on Jude Aidan. It was such a relief. I think we may have even cried a little. We chose Jude Aidan because it not only sounds cool but has a great meaning.
Jude at 3 days old
Jude – Praise
Aidan – Fire

When we finally met him it was evident we had chosen the correct name, he just looked like a Jude. It just fit.

With this pregnancy we haven’t had as much luck picking out names. Maybe we just haven’t had the time or maybe we just haven’t found the perfect name. Either way we need help.

What do you think we should name baby #2? (We don’t know the sex so we need both boy and girl names. Something that fits as a sibling to Jude, goes well with the last name Lieb and has a good meaning)

Baby Names….. GO!

Here are few names we are throwing around… nothing is definite yet.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I am due in about 7 weeks with our 3rd boy. Our older 2 are Kaleb Harley and Lucas Edward. The one name that I loved Jacob Henry is giving me a run for my money. I absolutely love the name Jacob but with the whole twilight craze I just don't know. That and I have 2 cousins with the name Jacob. The middle name is going to stay Henry no matter what we decide on. It is a family name. I also like Alexander but I just don't know if he is an Alexander. We might end up going to the hospital and deciding after he is born what fits him better. Do you have any family names that you like? Now for a girl I like the name Olivia Grace. Meanings Olivia – Peace – Of the Olive tree. Grace – Grace of God. You can't get much better than Peace and grace of God… I'm just saying… Good Luck to you in your search. I can't wait to hear how your search goes.

  2. My oldest son is 9 and his name is Ayden. 9 years ago it was not popular at all. Its been number 1 for the passed few years and I HATE it! We just call him AJ. Since Ayden means Fire, for baby number 2 we went with Keegan, meaning little Fire. Boy oh Boy is that child ever full of fire! Baby number 3 is Colden. Its not a name. Its a mountain in the Adirondacks. The names all work well together.

    I like Jonas Lieb. Or Julian.
    As for a girl… I have no clue! I have 3 boys. I havent looked at girls names in years!

    Good Luck.

  3. I have two boys John Matthew and Nathaniel James. And I also was very careful to choose the names meaning and all.

    How about Samara, Grace or Abigail for girl names. Those are my favorites 🙂

  4. Congrats! When are you due? I'm due with baby #2 in May. We know the sex (but aren't telling) and have the name picked out.
    As per your question, I'm partial to Asher – my son's name :-P. It means "joy". I tend to be a big fan of biblical names (though I only use the Hebrew version of the names). Since you asked for names… here are all the english names I would use, if I used english names:
    Boy: Gideon, Sebastian, Micah, Jeremiah, Jonah

    Girl: Grace, Savannah, Delilah

    There are probably more for both a girl or a boy, but I think that's more than enough for now 😉

  5. all the best as you are going to welcome a new one into your family.

    I wish that I had been able to have children. I had some names picked out. I liked the name Brogan (either a girl or boy) and Jordan (again either a girl or boy).

  6. We're expecting a boy in April, so I've only looked at boy names. I think we've settled on ours (but we don't tell!), but some of the others I was really considering were Callum (or Calum…hadn't decided which I liked better) and Seeley. Callum means dove and Seeley means blessed! Whatever name you pick, it'll become your baby regardless, so you'll love it! Good luck!

  7. Imogene Grae!! Considered Imogen for a twin 🙂
    Gideon Asher!!

    I accidentally voted for the wrong one on your site haha

  8. I'm sure you realized already that all of your first names so far start with a J, so why not continue the trend.
    Little Girl Joleeta Sue (or Suzanne) L. The first name would have the same number of letters as in your first name. Jo, short for Joe, Letta. Just make sure people pronounce it Jo-Letta.
    Little Girl Jobella Marie L. Jo, short for Joe, bella meaning pretty, just make sure people pronounce it Jo-Bella.
    To find out the meanings of combination names like Joleeta and Jobella, you'd probably find out the meaning of Josephine or Jose and then the meaning of the other section of the name.
    Boys name: Jacob Abel L.
    I do like James, but not with Owen for some reason.

    Jodi or Jody can be either a boys or girls name.
    Well that's my thoughts on the subject, probably didn't help much, but I hope it didn't hurt much either.

  9. I think that whatever name you pick would be perfect. I put a lot of thought into my kids names as well. As for my youngest son, he was officially named at the hospital because I wasn't positive on the first and last name combinations until I saw him. Then I just knew.
    I think Juliann would be a nice name for a girl, if you're going with the Js.

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