Moon Dough Review

Jude has just discovered modeling clay and dough. The newest development in molding dough is Moon Dough. Moon Dough is an amazing new product that is soft, light, wheat-free and never dries out. It comes in eight great colors that you can play with again and again and again. 

We received the Moon Dough Barn which creates different animal shapes with the simple pull of a lever. I did find the dough to be a little flaky and messy when I opened the package. After reconstructing it we were able to make a few animals, which Jude really enjoyed. I don’t think he full understands how it works yet so constant supervision and adult intervention in required. I did find it a little difficult to fully fill the animal chamber with dough to make a proper shape but after a little while I think I had a good system down. I did like that the excess dough is filtered into the silo to be recycled and made into more animals. Overall, it is a lot of fun and probably a little better suited for slightly older children. 

Moon Dough is available at select retailers and online. 

I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.


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