Veggie Tales “Its A Meaningful Life”


Jude has become a big fan of Veggie Tales. I think his favorite part is the music but I really like that he enjoys each DVD we own because they all have valuable lessons that I think are important for everyone to learn.

On October 5th, Big Idea Inc. released the newest adventures of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, “It’s a Meaningful Life”. It’s a Meaningful Life exemplifies the valuable lessons in understanding one’s worth and importance and shows how to be content with what one already has rather than seeking out what others possess.

The story may seem familiar but that’s what makes it fun for adults to watch along with their kids. I like noticing all the funny changes they’ve made to make the story vegetable based. Of course, there is another great Silly Song that will get everyone singing and laughing. Veggie Tales always provides great DVDs that encourage families to learn and grow together.


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