Is Your Bedroom Sad and Neglected

Like most parents our master bedroom is the last room to be decorated or cleaned. I dream of having a beautiful and relaxing bedroom with bright white linens on a black platform bed. Much like this one…
It would be a tranquil escape from the busy life of parenthood. I would sleep like a baby and wake full rested, ready to meet the day. Maybe I’m only dreaming but I think one day it could be possible. 

I think the first step to making my bedroom a haven is to remove all the toys, put away the laundry and maybe dust a little. On the rare occasion that I get all of these things accomplished I can breathe deep (probably cause there aren’t giant dust balls flying around the room) and relax. I know that in the morning there will be tiny sticky hands pulling all of my clothes out of the drawers but for that brief moment I can pretend I live in that luxurious place with the bright white linen sheets on a black platform bed.

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