The Perfect Evening Snack

I am a bit of chocoholic. (Joe would make some joke about me being addicted to Chocohol if I said this when he was around.) But seriously, I think my body requires a daily dose of chocolate, which while it tastes yummy isn’t all that good for my body. That is why I love Jell-O puddings so much. They offer a variety of great tasting puddings that are low in sugar and calories yet still satisfy my chocolate cravings.
Instead of eating a big bowl of chocolate ice cream at night I just grab one of my Jell-O Mousse Temptations out of the fridge and savor the flavor.
About Jell-O Mousse Temptations
Mousse Tempations by Jell-O is an airy yet rich snack that’s guaranteed to please. It is available in four delicious flavors: Dark Chocolate Decadence, Chocolate Indulgence, Caramel Creme and Chocolate Mint Sensation. The individual cups are sugar-free and only 60 decadent calories per serving.
The featured product was provided to me free of charge. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced by the company.

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