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Meet NC Blogger Melissa from Adventuroo.
I love reading Melissa’s blog, it’s filled with adventure, humor, and amazing photography.

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Tell readers more about you –
I’m a mama to two boys born on the same day exactly three years apart! Big Roo is 3 and Little Roo is 4.5 months. I’ve been married to the hubs since 2000… yep, our TEN year anniversary is coming up in September. I’m an adventurer by nature– traveling, hiking, camping, trying new things, you name it. One of the most adventurous things I ever did was move from South Carolina to Phoenix, Arizona with nothing but my hubby, two old cars and some hand-me-down furniture. Although we loved it there, we decided to move back to the Carolinas five years later. This time we moved with a bit more to our name– a labrador retriever, two new cars, a house full of IKEA stuff and a kid!

What are a few of your favorite posts on your blog?
100 Things I Learned about Blogging (this was my 100th post)
Little Roo’s Birth Story (Part 1 & Part 2)

Where in NC are you located? Raleigh

How long have you lived in NC? I’ve only lived in NC for 2 years. Before that we were in Phoenix, Arizona for five years. My hubby and I grew up in South Carolina though so we’re definitely no stranger to the Carolinas. I’m a sucker for sweet tea.

Do you blog about NC or local events/places?
When we visit somewhere in North Carolina, I like to blog about it. Of course, I’ve been pregnant and with a new baby since my blog started so we haven’t gone as many places as I’ve liked. Nevertheless, we HAVE left the house and so here are some of my North Carolina posts:

What is your favorite local place to eat?
We’ve become big fans of Goodberry’s. I know that isn’t a “real” meal but can you really argue with a “concrete”?

Who is your favorite local attraction?
We’re a big fan of Marbles Kids Museum and any of the local parks.

What is your favorite NC vacation spot?
I’m a big fan of Asheville. It’s such a gorgeous place!

What advice would you give someone visiting your town? To be sure to visit the museums downtown and then grab a bite to eat around Moore Square.

What else should readers know about you, your blog or NC? Soon, I’ll be starting a new feature every Monday on my blog. With 10 years in marketing communications. I have a lot of tips to share about writing, marketing and putting together a blog. I’ve seriously got about 10-15 post ideas already. And more keep popping in my head every day. I can’t wait to get them onto “paper”!


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