TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk


My boys LOVE chocolate milk.

trumooTruMoo Chocolate has a special February flavor, Chocolate Marshmallow that is available at Target stores, Walgreens and local grocery stores. It hit the shelves on January 26th but because of our recent snow storm that Target store across the street from our house did have it yet so we opted for tradition chocolate milk.

trumoo chocolate milkJude’s favorite treat is to drink chocolate milk. So the other afternoon after we’d finished our chores and needed a little pick me up before lunch we both sat down to enjoy a refreshing and delicious glass of TruMoo Chocolate milk. Jude was very pleased with his afternoon treat. I also enjoyed the smooth and rich flavor of the TruMoo chocolate milk. I’m a self proclaimed chocoholic so chocolate and I are good friends. Chocolate milk is certainly a treat in our house so we want to make sure we do it right and get the best available chocolate milk.

chocolate milkWe can’t wait to try the new Chocolate Marshmallow flavor, that is one of my most favorite flavor combinations and I bet it will be delicious. During the snow storm the boys enjoyed hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows, it’s a seasonal favorite. I will be checking our local Target again throughout the month of February to see if they have received the special seasonal marshmallow flavor.

hot chocolateWhat I love about TruMoo Milk is that it contains no artificial growth hormones and no high fructose corn syrup. TruMoo milk comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors but the marshmallow flavor is a special limited time flavor for the month of February.


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