Whish Body Products Review

Every womans wants to feel pampered and pretty. I know I love getting new beauty products, epsecially if they smell good. But a lot of times those products contain harmful chemicals that aren’t so good for your skin. Whish Body Products offer that great smelling and pretty feeling with out any harmful chemicals.

I received the Pomegranate Three Wishes Sugar Scrub which is just wonderful. I love pomegranates, they are one of my all time favorite fruits and they offer a wonderful natural scent to the scrub. Pomegrantes also contain wonderful antioxidants which refresh your skin. Also, with summer’s official start on Monday an exfoliating sugar scrub is just what I need. Often times exfoliating scrubs can be a bit too abrasive for my skin but the Whish Sugar Scrub offers just the right about of rough and smooth conditioning to my skin.

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About Whish
Whish Body Products offers a wonderful selection of natural body products. All of their products are paraben and sulfate free. They are also free of TEA + DEA and Petrochemicals, never tested on animals and are all natural and organic.

Buy: Whish Body Products are available online and at various retailers around the globe.


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