Matooka Kids Couture Review

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, couture? I think runways, models and amazing fashion. One thing I don’t think about is children. But why not? Kids can just about anything and make it look amazing.
Matooka send us the Flapper Girl set from their spring collection and it is absolutely adorable. Since I don’t have a daughter I gave this to my niece and she was in love. Most little girls love to dress up and wear fancy clothes. I love the unique yet vintage style of the Flapper Girl set. It’s bold but not too wild. I’d love to own this outfit in my size! Matooka’s spring collection includes a many beautiful pieces that any little girl would be happy to wear.
About Matooka Kids Couture
If there is one thing the creators of Matooka, a new contemporary girl’s clothing line, know it is little girls. Best friends and now business partners, Yona Elishis and Daniella Kuhl grew up surrounded by girls.   Each one of six sisters and with eight daughters between them, Yona and Daniella, both former lawyers, launched Matooka in 2009 after leaving behind the safety of their legal careers, to create a line that both mommies and daughters would love, and that would exhibit a European esthetic at an economical price point.  Featuring fun pieces that are contemporary and edgy but also young and sweet, the playful collection is already being sold in over twenty stores in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto.  “We know what it is like to have to dress a little girl, with her own sense of style, and desire for self-expression.  We wanted to create a line that would allow for that, that would attract girls with its fun attention to detail, and comfortable fit, but also appeal to parents with its reasonable price-points and quality make,” said Daniella.  Yona added, “We both grew up in large families of girls and fashion was one way to individuate yourself.   It starts young.”   These two don’t take their motherhood or their fashion for granted.  With sensitivity to the challenges that many women face today in conceiving, MATOOKA is donating 10% of all profits to research in infertility and to families undergoing costly assisted reproductive treatments.

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