Silikids Review

My baby is growing up. He wants to be a big boy and do all the things mom and dad do. Like drink out of a big cup. But with all this talk of BPA and harmful chemicals in plastics it’s hard to know what’s ok and what’s not. Well why not forgo all the guessing and use glass. Glass? Yes, I said glass. Even for babies. 

Silikids makes protective silicone skins for bottle and glasses so they are safe for little ones to use… and drop. Jude loves drinking out of a big people glass and mom loves that I don’t have to work about dangerous accidents.
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About Silikids
Silikids began in 2006 as a labor of love for two friends and mothers. With growing concerns
about toxic materials in children’s products, Silikids was born; a children’s accessory
company dedicated to making safe, clean and hygienic products out of SILICONE.
As mothers, they noticed that many products for babies were already made of silicone;
bottle nipples, pacifiers, etc. Research confirmed that silicone was indeed a magnificent
material for children due to its non-porous nature, where no bacteria could hide;
its high resistance to temperatures making it easy to boil and sterilize, and its
soft, pliable quality lends itself to multiple uses.

In caring for the planet, a very conscious effort is made to produce products that last
and promote reuse. Packaging is minimal, and silicone can be recycled at specific recycling
centers. Silikids will even recycle your old silikids products.

Buy: Silikids are available at select retailers across the US.

Discount: Use the code “Silibaby” to save 10% on your order.

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