MYX Tea Review

St. Patrick’s Day is over but you can go green with MYX Tea all year long. 

I love tea. My absolute favorite teas are green teas with a fruit. So I was very excited to given the opportunity to review MYX’s green pomegranate with mint tea.  One cold evening I made a warm cup of green pomegranate tea and it was just what I needed to warm my bones. I love the balance of pomegranate and tea with a subtle hint of mint. I was a little worried that the mint flavor would over power the pomegranate but it is a great compliment.
The next night I enjoyed a cup of MYX Green Jasmine Sunset it had a nice hint of citrus. Both teas were delicious and I highly recommend you try them both. All MYX teas are sold loose leave so while you’re visiting their online store pick up a tea infusion tube or other tea accessories.

  • Green Jasmine Sunset: Sail away into an Irish sunset with the exotic flavors of Green Jasmine Sunset.  Enjoy a zesty combination of jasmine green tea, rooibos, lemon verbena, ginger and orange!
  • Green Pomegranate Mint: Forget the Guinness and soggy cabbage and relax with the blissful taste of Green Pomegranate Mint flavored with tangy pomegranate and refreshing mint.

About MYX Tea
MYX Beverage is an environmentally friendly E-tea shop offering an array of custom-blended, natural-based teas. Dedicated to offering customers a refreshing, revitalizing and rewarding experience, MYX guarantees satisfaction and freshness with teas packed fresh and shipped within 24-hours of each order.  Learn more about our tea of the month club (three, six or 12 months) or shop MYX Beverage at
Refresh, Revitalize and Reward Yourself

Buy: MYX Teas and other products are available online.

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