Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy Review

It’s the new year which means New Years Resolutions including “get fit”, “lose weight”, “be hot’. Well when it’s so cold outside that you don’t want to go for a run or even run to the car to go to the gym, don’t. Just stay home and work out with Jenny McCarthy. A few weeks ago I hosted a House Party for the new Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy Wii workout game. 
How it works:
You don’t need to purchase any special additional equipment for you Wii. The Your Shape set comes with a camera that is easy to set up. The camera tracks your movements and helps you perfect your form. After you get set up there is a personal fitness test to assess your abilities and then you can customize your workout by choosing select body parts to work on, time limits or fitness goals.
My thoughts:
I really like the idea of having a interactive video game to help me work out. Sometimes a video just isn’t enough motivation. However, my main complaint is that the camera didn’t recognize my legs because I was wearing brown pants and standing in front on my brown couch. After putting on a pair of shorts seemed to fix that problem. I also wish there was a pause option. With a small child getting a few minutes of exercises here and there are sometimes my only option. Overall, I would recommend this to others if they are looking for a great way to workout at home.

Buy: You can buy Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy at Amazon.

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