NaturOli Extreme 18X Review

A few weeks ago I reviewed NaturOli Soap Nuts and was extremely happy with the results.
NaturOli offers another great product as convenient and effective as soap nuts, Extreme 18X liquid detergent.
It only takes 1 teaspoon of Extreme18X to wash a whole load of laundry. A small 8oz bottle yields 96 glorious loads of laundry which means no more giant jugs of detergent crowding my laundry room. My laundry not only smells fresh and clean but it’s safer for baby clothes. I also love that Extreme 18X is better for environment than the chemical commercial detergents. 
You can also dilute a bit with water in a spray bottle for a gentle yet powerful all-purpose household cleaner.
About Extreme 18X Liquid Detergent.
Extreme 18X liquid detergent is liquid form of Soap Nuts. Extreme 18X is produced from truly natural cosmetic grade pure soap nuts (saponin) liquid extract to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness. It is derived from only premium Sapindus Mukorossi soap nuts.
NatruOli Extreme 18X Liquid Detergent is a Green Dot Award winner. 
Buy: NatruOli Extreme 18X Liquid Detergent is available online.

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