Christmas Gifts Reviewed

Most of my reviews are for products which I was provided free of charge specifically for reviewing purposes. Well, I did receive these Christmas gifts free of charge but not for the intent of reviews. But as a mom review blogger I want to provide “honest” reviews of products I find and use so here are my thoughts on my Christmas gifts.

1. Membership to the YMCA – I asked for a membership to a gym that offered childcare. My husband bought me the Y membership since it is close to our house, has childcare and is affordable. I’ve been a few times already and I have to say it’s fairly comparable to any other gym I’ve been a member of. The staff is very nice and helpful. The facility is clean and all the equipment is in good shape. I still want to try a few classes but I need to get comfortable with my new environment first. Overall I give the Y a big thumbs up!

2. Swell Season, Strict Joy CD – Love this album. Ever since I saw Once I’ve loved the music of Glen Hansard. This album doesn’t let you down. I got the deluxe edition with bonus live CDs.

3. Vintage Wallpaper Necklace from Lucky Accessories – Beautiful. Not only is this a beautiful necklace but it’s made by my dear friend Kiona. She’s so creative and I love all of her work.

4. Handmade Home by Amanda Soule – If you don’t follow this blog you should. If you don’t own her books you should. Now I just need to take some sewing lessons so I can create some of these beautiful masterpieces.

5. David Gray Draw The Line LP & Concet Tickets – I can review the concert since it isn’t until April. However, I love David Gray and the Draw the Line record brings everything I expect from a David Gray album plus a little more. I love that the record comes with a digital download, that is always nice. I’m very excited for the upcoming concert. The husband wins extra points for this gift since David Gray’s Slow Motion was the first dance song at our wedding.

6. Scrubs Season 8 – Zach Braff. enough said! I’ve only watched the first episode but I do love some Scrubs.

7. G-Force DVD – Tracy Morgan, Will Arnett, Steve Buscemi, Zach Galifianakis, Bill Nighy. Such a cute movie. Not to mention that my friend Sharon worked on the animation! Go roomie! (This was her official title: stereoscopic lighting and compositing)

I did get a few other gifts but either they haven’t been used yet or I don’t feel like writing reviews for my new gym socks. 

The featured products were NOT provided to me free of charge by anyone other than my husband or Santa. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced by any company.


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