Blurb Review

All you blogging mamas must check out Blurb. If you’re like me and you blog to keep track of your family events and children’s milestones you have to check this out. I’ve come across a lot of companies that allow you to take your personal photos and make them into a book but Blurb stands out from the crowd for several reason. Like most companies you can import photos and design a nice book for your coffee table or photo collection but Blurb takes it a few steps further. They offer you the ability to directly import your blog posts into a book. Additionally, you can add your book to their online store where your friends and family can buy copies of your book. The options are endless.

I took my personal blog, We3Lieb, where I’ve been documenting the birth and life of my son and turned it into a book. I love that I was able to customize the pages, delete or combine posts and add more pictures. My book is about 100 pages long and is very high quality. There are multiple options for book size, cover or page designs. It did take me a few days to get everything the way I wanted it but the end result was wonderful. I love that I now have a hard copy of my blog, you know in case the internet explodes one day.

About Blurb

Blurb is a company and a community that believes passionately in the joy of books – reading them, making them, sharing them, and selling them. Holding a finished book with your name on the cover is a truly amazing feeling; it’s one of those experiences everyone should have. As software people, designers, and publishing professionals at the top of our game, we realized something both incredible and obvious: there’s no good reason why it should take tons of time, technical skills, big bucks, or friends in high places to publish a book. Or a zillion books, for that matter.

So we put our minds together, and developed a creative publishing service simple and smart enough to make anyone an author – every blogger, cook, photographer, parent, traveler, poet, pet owner, marketer, everyone. (This means you.)

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