U2 Rocks Raleigh

Here’s a super brief overview of my thoughts on last night’s show

First thing’s first the show was awesome and I would totally do it all over again. U2 does not disappoint. They played some of my favorite songs old and new. Most of the popular ones like One, Where the Streets have No Name, Beautiful Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and more. The claw/spaceship stage was pretty cool, especially the giant disco ball on top that would probably be seen from space. There were so many great points of the show I can’t even remember them all. Even though we were sitting only a few rows from the very top of the stadium it was still a ton of fun and awesome.

The parts that sucked had everything to do with NCSU and their poor planning of the event. Let’s start with the traffic and parking. We knew they were charging $20 a car for parking and fortunately before the show we ran into some friend, carpooled and split the cost. According to the news some people were stuck in traffic for 3 hours. We probably only waiting about 1.5 to get to parking. The biggest issue was there wasn’t any signage that I saw and they appeared to be routing everyone into 1 parking lot via 1 entrance. Well once we go there again no signs telling you where to enter the stadium. The gates had some sort of barricade that was to help create a long line that dispersed to different check-in points but that was all a confusing mess and everyone was just going through 1 check-in point. So we just slipped through the barricade and in we go. (Also, Joe really had to pee and we found a bathroom but it was closed. Seriously, who closes a bathroom at a huge event like this?)
Once inside we found our seat, a little winded from the climb but we made it. However, sitting on bleachers the whole time wouldn’t have been too bad except the people that were around us were a little too big for their spaces so it was kind of cozy. Muse was ok. I probably won’t be buying any of their albums though. I tried to visit the restroom between sets but the women’s bathroom line had to have been 1/4 mile long so I held it. Of course the men’s room had no wait. Finally the show started and everything that was trying to ruin my evening just fell away. AMAZING! Afterward we met up with our friends and tried to head home after about an hour we made it out of the parking lot. From door to door it took us 1.5 hours. (We only live 6 miles away)

So again I give U2 a big thumbs up and NCSU a big thumbs down.

After arrive home a little after 1am we found out 15mo old son wide awake with a recently developed cold. None of us got alot of sleep last night so we’re skipping church today and just relaxing as a family as we try to get over this sickness that has invaded our home. Hopefully baby Dude will feel better soon.


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