My Earth Day Goal

Earth Day came and went. I took advantage of a few sales and freebies but didn’t really do anything additional to reduce, reuse or recycle. I think we do a pretty good job already but there is always room for improvement, especially the kind of improvements that can save you money. So this Earth Day I decided to utilize the power of the sun. I’d love to have a solar powered house one day but I don’t think our landlord will spring for solar panels. Therefore, I hope to conserve power by line dry most of our clothes. For Christmas Joe’s grandmother bought me a drying rack. (It was on my list.) I had only really been using it to dry our cloth diapers but I figure I should probably try do use it for everything. Now my drying rack isn’t that large so it won’t fit a whole load of laundry but it is holds a fair amount. I’ve contemplated hanging a line somewhere but not really sure where it would go in our tiny courtyard. So my next option is to get another drying rack. They fold down fairly small for storage and can be used indoors as well. (I like versitlity.) But in my research for an afordable drying rack I came across this site, which make drying your clothes on the line so chic!


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