CD Stash Brag

I just read a blog by my friend Amy who wrote about her cloth diaper stash and it inspired me to do the same.  I love my cloth diapers and write about them alot, like here, here and here. Also, I often get asked what we use and why so here’s our current stash!~

MY STASH! (I’d post a picture of everything but that would mean having everything clean which is impossible… so product shots will have to do!)

24 prefolds (Unbleached Indian)
4 Imse Vimse Covers (2 Farm, 1 Jungle, 1 Olive Stripe)
2 Bummis Cover (Green Super Brite, Frogs)
1 WAHM Cover (Orange)
1 KCKOne Cover (Ooga Booga Print)
1 WAHM Swim Diaper (Striped)
1 Thirsties Cover (Yellow)

6 Mommy’s Touch One Size AIO (All In One)
1 KCKOne Pocket Diaper (Ooga Booga Print)
1 Orange WAHM Pocket Diaper

We also have a 1 pair of longies which Joe and I knit together, hopefully Jude can wear them this winter. I also have a pair of longies which I won in a lotto at Hyena Cart. I bought most of my diapers used from But I did get a few new things from Comfy Cozy Diapers and from WAHMs on Etsy. (A few of my favorite Etsy Sellers are PurpleDucks and Olive Jane.) I think I may have picked up a few things from Hyena Cart during the after Thanksgiving sale last year.

My favorite and most used combo is a prefold with an Imse Vimse cover. Followed by the Ooga Booga cover then Bummis. We primarily use the Pocket and AIO’s at night. We pretty much use a prefold where ever we go. (Unless we are on a long trip then we use disposable)

I really like supporting WAHMs even though it can be a little risky. My theory is you can always resell it on diaperswappers or elsewhere if it doesn’t work for your baby.


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