Ways to Save Money at a Restaurant

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Who doesn’t like to go out for dinner? I know I don’t like cooking every night, however, restaurants are expensive and with the current economy more people are eating at home. But fear not you can hang up your apron because there are affordable solutions for dining out. Saving money on dining out is doable it just takes a little bit of effort and creativity.

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Use Coupons

  • Check out Restaurants.com for great deals on coupons in your neighborhood. They often have sales with savings of 80% or more! But make sure to read the fine print because some have stipulations that come along with great savings. But it’s 100% legit.
  • Join E-Clubs. A lot of restaurants send out coupons via email to people that join their E-Club.
  • Look through your junk mail. I find coupons for all sorts of things in my junk mail, right before I throw them in the recycle bin.

Go Out For Lunch

Many restaurants offer lower price lunch portions that are just as delicious and filling as dinner prices.

Drink Water

Skip the soda, tea, and alcohol if you want to enjoy a nice dinner out on a budget. You can easily save $3+ per person at most restaurants if you drink water.

Share a Meal

If you are dining with your partner or a good friend you may choose to share a meal. Most restaurants offer huge portion sizes and meals can easily be split.

Order a Kid’s Meal

Some restaurants will allow adults to order off of the kid’s menu. While some kid’s menus are just pizza and chicken tenders many restaurants offer smaller portions of their most popular meals on the kid’s menu.

Eat Dinner Early

Some restaurants offer happy hour meal deals, where certain meals are discounted. Sometimes you can make a meal of the appetizers they offer for half price at happy hour.

Kids Eat Free

If you are going out to eat as a family, make sure to take advantage of restaurants that offer Kid’s Eat Free days. Make sure you read the fine print because sometimes they have strict age restrictions or limit 1 child to 1 adult.


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