Glimpse – Kitchen/Dining Tour

I’ll be honest my kitchen and dining room are very rarely this clean. Not because I don’t try mind you. But because I have a 14 mo old that likes to explore every cabinet at his level.


Favorite Element: It’s a toss up between my IKEA tins that are above the stove and the mini art collection by Stephanie Witcher. Lets say they are in two different rooms I can have two favorites! (Oh and the origami flowers my creative husband made for me!)

Biggest Challenge: Again with the multimedia spilling over into the dining room.

What Friends Say: Most are wowed at the our ridiculous CD collection.

Proudest DIY: I’d have to say the CD shelves, although we didn’t actually build them. My handy father-in-law made those along with almost every other shelving unit in our home.

Next on the DIY List: You’ll notice there are empty curtain rods above the window. 1st learn to sew. 2nd sew some curtains.

Best advice: We used bright colors in this small space hoping to distract you from it’s lackluster state.


Jude’s Room


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