Today started off fairly well but within the span of 30 mins a few events occured and I went from happy to thoroughly aggravated. Here’s what pushed me over the edge, a post on site I read.

“A Raleigh mom went to Vic’s this weekend after the downtown Easter festivities. She took her infant son into the bathroom, and there was no changing table. She got him changed anyway, rolled up a wet diaper and threw it in the trash.

When she sat down to eat again, the waitress appeared with a plastic bag and told her to go fish the diaper OUT of the trash, throw it in the bag, and walk it outside to a trash can down the street. They don’t allow diaper-changing or dirty diapers to be disposed of in the restaurant.
The Mom called the owner today to follow up on this treatment, and this is what she had to say:
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“The owner said that they decided not to put diaper changing area in the restroom for this reason….figured kids wouldn’t need to be changed in the short amt. of time they would spend at the restaurant any way. (Why have toilets for adults then too right?) He said his policy is for his staff to tell costumers to throw away their diapers outside in the street trash can. Their restaurant is too small for such a thing to be in the trash can. He took a second thought to the wet diaper that I had placed in the bathroom trash. Said (in retrospect) that probably would have been o.k., but if was the other kind, I would have to take it out none the less. The trash area for the restaurant is too far away for how busy they are, that is why they ask the costumer to do it. (I too said that maybe they want to consider having a policy for feminine products then too.)

So moms, be ready to be handed a plastic grocery bag (no gloves)…root around in the trash for your diaper and wipes if you had any. Walk through the restaurant with the bag…down the street a little bit to throw it away.

I will be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau. I just don’t want any of you to be as humiliated and mortified as I was since it looks like they will continue to treat people the same as they did me.”


Something similar happened to us on our trip back from Chicago. While on the plane Jude needed a new diaper so I changed him on my lap and when the flight attended came by to gather trash we put the wet diaper in the trash bag. She gave us a dirty look and very rudely told us to take it out and that human waste wasn’t put in the trash.

When did people become so rude and hateful towards babies or people with babies?


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