Why they don’t make cologne for babies

Last night Jude fell in love with a magazine, the Victoria Secret catalog to be exact. He flipped through the pages and then ripped them out. Since he wasn’t trying to eat any of it, as ironic as that is, we let him have his fun.
But later as I headed upstairs to put him to bed I noticed an odd smell. Now nobody in our house wears cologne or anything with any scent so it seemed very out of place. I asked Joe if he smelled anything odd and he laughed a bit and informed me that the Victoria Secret catalog had a perfume insert which Jude found. It was extremely overpowering so we washed his little hands. Despite our efforts you could still smell it fairly strong. Well at this point Jude was very tired and just wanted to go to sleep. However he typically sleeps with his hands in his face and every time he’d put them in front of his face he’d pull them back down and fuss. After doing that several times I decided I would mask the scent with his Burt’s Bees Baby Lotion. It seemed to help a bit but in the end I laid next to him on our bed and he snuggled up next to me and buried his face in my chest. Now I know to never wear perfume, especially Victoria’s Secret Sexual Secret.


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