Second trip to HT for triples

Last night Joe and I went to HT for our second round of triples. He got paid friday so we have some money and still had a few essentials to get.

Total OOP: 70.85
Total Before Discounts: $134.90

Savings: 64.05

Cutrite Wax Paper
Oatmeal Raisin Crisp
Mahatma Yellow Rice
Angel Soft TP
Progresso Chicken Broth
4 Cans Campbell Cream of Mushroom
Pillsbury Cake mix
2 boxes Pacific Chicken Broth
2 boxes Barilla Pasta
Eagle Condensed milk
7th Gen Dish soap
HT 9-volt battery
Fresh Express Salad
Red Grapefruit
Bunch Tomatoes
2 Yellow Squash
2 Zucchini
Newmann’s Own Pizza
2 Boxes Klondike Bars
CPK Pizza
Pillsbury Pizza Crust
Pillsbury Cookies
HT Sharp Cheddar
Born Free Eggs
Oscar Meyer Deli Turkey
Opti-Free Contact Solution


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