Babies and Shopping

Saturday morning Andrea and I went to the Kids Exchange. There were alot of great deal but I had to stick to my plan and budget. I went in with the mindset that if it wasn’t a great deal I wasn’t going to buy anything. However, I found several things on my list and stayed within my budget.

I bought:
Safety 1st Table Edge BumperNIB – Paid $10
Fisher Price Monitor – Paid $5
Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders: Musical Fishbowl
– Paid $6
LeapFrog Baby Counting Pal
– Paid $4
2 Shirts 12mo – Paid $2
Freaking Cute Baby Flip Flops – Paid $4

Andrea got a few baby items and a play mat. We did alot of walking and I think that helped her get labor started as she went into labor that night.

So today we celebrate the birth of baby Updyke.
Oscar Lawrence Updyke
15inch head

WOAH big boy!


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