Money Saving Coupon Techniques

Using coupons can save you a few dollars on your grocery bill but if you know these techniques that coupon experts use you can potentially double your savings.

Hints and Tips from coupon experts!

  1. “Stacking” coupons – Stacking means combining a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for extra savings. Stores sometimes include coupons in their weekly flier, you can use these coupons in conjunction with manufacturer coupons! Catalina coupons count as manufacturer coupons.
  2. The 5s and 9s – You may notice that some coupons say “DO NOT Double” but you may find they occasionally double at the register. So how do you know for sure if a coupon will double? Every coupon has a bar code with a number on it, if the code starts with a “5” it will always double, if it starts with a “9” it will never double!
  3. Email lists (separate email address!) – Create a separate email account to sign up for manufacturer newsletters and emails. A lot of manufacturers offer online printable coupons when you sign up for their newsletter. You can also simply write to a specific manufacturer and request coupons. Example: We buy Florida’s Natural Orange Juice all the time. So I went on their website and submitted a comment thanking them for their fine quality product and that I buy it all the time. A few weeks later I received a thank you letter in the mail from them and it included half a dozen coupons for their product!
  4. Mail-in Rebateslook for mail in rebates on packaging and take advantage of the cash back.
  5. Rain Checks – If the store is having a sale on a specific item you like and they are out of stock you can ask customer service for a rain check and they will honor the sale price at a later date. Rain checks at Harris Teeter never expire, while other stores may only give you 30 days to use the rain check. Additionally, you can use your sale price rain check with other specials. Example: At Harris Teeter they are having a sale on Celestial Seasoning’s tea and they are out of the flavor you want. You can ask the store manager for the rain check. Next month they have another sale for BOGO or you have a coupon. You can combine your rain check, BOGO an get the product for free. It never hurts to ask!
  6. Web sites: there are tons of site and tons of people who will help you learn about coupons!



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