Why Should You Take a Disney Cruise Without Kids?


You probably associate a Disney Cruise with a family-friendly vacation filled with activities for kids. However, you may be surprised to learn that it can also be an excellent choice for adults seeking a stress-free group vacation. As someone who has experienced both, Disney Cruises offers a variety of activities, spaces, and experiences that cater to adults. You might even forget that there are kids onboard, thanks to the engaging children’s activity spaces that keep them occupied. This creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere for adults to enjoy.

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There are plenty of adult-only spaces on a Disney Cruise. One of the best features of a Disney Cruise is their attention to providing high-quality spaces for adults to enjoy. You will be surprised at how many activities, special events, and adult-only spaces you will find on a Disney Cruise.

Adults-Only Spaces on a Disney Cruise

Outdoor Spaces and Pools

Every Disney Cruise Line ship features an adult-only sundeck. These sections have hot tubs and pools that are exclusive for adults. There’s always a bar close by to grab a drink. Live music is occasionally performed in the area to elevate the ambiance further. The Quiet Cove Pool is the main adult pool deck area on all five Disney Cruise Line ships. The Disney Dream and Fantasy additionally feature a much calmer section at the front of the ship called the Satellite Falls wading pool.


Bars & Lounges

Disney caters to adults even though it is known for its amazing kids’ activity areas. Every ship has several bars and lounges dedicated to adult entertainment, all with different themes. The nighttime entertainment areas of the four original ships are primarily consolidated into one area. The adult zones are After Hours on the Magic & Wonder, The District on the Dream, and Europa on the Fantasy. Disney’s newest ship, the Wish, has bars and lounges dispersed throughout the ship.

Senses Spa, Fitness Center & Salons

The Senses Spa and Fitness facilities may be the ideal adult settings if your priorities are rest and renewal. The Senses Spa on all five ships offers spa services like facials, massages, and acupuncture. While the spa on the four original ships had salons next to it, the Untangled Salon & Hook’s Barbery on the new Disney Wish are separate locations where visitors may receive haircuts, pedicures, and shaves. The Rainforest Room features heated loungers, steam rooms, hydrotherapy baths, and aromatherapy showers.

Serenity Bay

If your cruise stops at Disney Castaway Cay, Serenity Bay is an adult-only beachfront location. Serenity Bay is a private beach with a dedicated bar, a separate dining area, and private cabanas. Nothing beats spending a peaceful afternoon by the crystal-clear blue Bahamas ocean, reading a book on your hammock in the sun.


Adult Only Dining

All Disney Cruise Line ships provide adult-only specialty dining if you’re looking for something a little fancier than the regular dining rooms, which are a lot of fun and have great themes. These are all extra-charge options that need to be reserved.

Palo & Palo Steakhouse

Palo is an Italian-inspired restaurant that serves brunch on most sea days and dinner every night of your cruise. A few of their most popular dishes are the Dover Sole, Chocolate Soufflé, and Chicken Parmesan.


A multi-course French-inspired meal is available at the Disney Dream & Fantasy, featuring your favorite little chef, Remy. They also have a dessert-only experience and a brunch on maritime days.


Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast inspires Enchante, the newest fine dining option on Disney Wish.

Activities for Adults

There is something for everyone on a Disney Cruise. Using the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, you can choose from various activities, some restricted to adults.

Beverage Seminars

Disney Cruise Line offers a range of beverage seminars where passengers can sample and learn more about their favorite alcoholic beverages. These seminars are a great way for visitors to expand their knowledge of adult beverages. These activities are not free; however, they are usually relatively inexpensive.

Interactive Entertainment

If you don’t feel like lounging around, Disney Cruise Line has many interactive entertainment options to keep you occupied. Test your other cruisers’ knowledge of their partners with game programs like Match Your Mate. All ages can enjoy silent DJ parties, and later in the evening, there’s an adults-only crowd that dons multiple-channel headphones and dances to their own beat. If you know everything, try winning a Mickey medallion by attending one of the many trivia sessions or playing a bingo game to win big.


Celebrate All Things Disney

You can still have a great time acting like a kid, even if you aren’t traveling with small children! The fun never stops when you meet some of your favorite characters, visit the kids’ club open houses, or dance at a themed deck party!

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