Best Toy Laptops for Kids


Children are becoming acquainted with digital devices at an early age. Kids who watch their parents work on laptops will want to have one of their own. There are many educational benefits of children playing with toy laptops. They can teach children letters, numbers, and more.

For you to choose the right toy laptop for your child you will need to consider their developmental stage. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of laptops designed for kids of all ages and development. We’ve researched the top brands and compiled a list of our favorite laptops for kids.

LeapFrog 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch

The LeapFrog 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch is the perfect toy for kids that want to be just like mom or dad. The toy laptop features a keyboard with the letters A-Z and numbers 1-10. It easily transforms it into a touch tablet thanks to its unique swivel screen. Parents have the ability to customize the laptop to help their child learn how to spell their name. It features five learning modes – ABCs, numbers, games, music, and messages.

Age Recommendation: 2-4 years

VTech Lil’ SmartTop

The VTech Lil’ SmartTop laptop has a with working screen, keyboard, Mouse, and piano keys. It comes with 20 sing-along melodies or kids can create their own. The laptop has four modes of play that teach letters, phonics, music, shapes, and stories. Parents can easily customize the device to include their child’s name, stories, favorite songs, and more.

Age Recommendation: 18-48 months

VTech Tote and Go Laptop

The VTech Toot and Go Laptop offers 20 learning activities that teach 60+ words, spelling, shapes, logic, and animals. The pre-K learning center plays 30 popular tunes; has puzzles and logic games. The attached mouse introduces basic mouse skills. Parents can customize the computer with a name, age, favorite food, avatar and more.

Age Recommendation: 3-6 years

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Laptop

This pretend laptop is perfect for babies and toddlers. It lights up and has 55+ songs, sounds, and phrases. Adjust the Smart Stages learning levels to teach the alphabet, colors, counting, greetings, and Spanish words. The light-up “touchpad” helps foster baby’s visual skills while the keyboard buttons, screen slider, and roller help develop fine motor skills.

Age Recommendation: 6-36 months

VTech Play Smart Laptop

The VTech Play Smart is great for preschool/kindergarten-age children. The sleek black design of this laptop looks like something mom or dad might have. It has 30 learning activities with leveled learning including personalization options. Children can play logic games, learn about animal sounds and footprints, and explore instrument sounds with a music game. This laptop has interactive activities that help children learn to identify their letters and sounds, learn new vocabulary, and introduce them to Spanish words, letters, and numbers.

Age Recommendation: 3-6 years

What to Look for in a Toy Laptop

Features parents should consider before purchasing a toy laptop for their child are durability, quality, age range, special features, and of course entertainment value.


Durability and Quality should be one of the primary factors when deciding which toy laptop to purchase. When babies, toddlers, and preschool children play with toys they often drop, hit or throw their toys. This is a great reason to get a toy laptop rather than letting them play with your real laptop. However, a quality toy is built to withstand the abuse a small child can inflict.

Age Level – Education and Entertainment

Choosing a toy laptop that will meet your child’s age and education needs should be considered. Choose a laptop that will keep your child engaged and learning but won’t be overly challenging. Additionally, more features aren’t always better, young children can be easily overstimulated so choosing a more basic device might be a better fit for your child.


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