Gender Neutral Gifts for Kids

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Kids have a variety of interests and while there are toys that may be marketed towards boys or girls there are a lot of options that any kid would love. Non-gender specific toys make for great gifts especially for families with multiple children of different genders. You can give one big family gift or know that the gift you give will be enjoyed by everyone. It’s also great to give gender neutral gifts because they can easily be passed on to younger siblings or relatives, no matter the gender.

And while I fully believe that boys and girls can play with whatever toys interest them, sometimes it’s nice to have toys that aren’t marketed or branded as being for one specific gender. I know my boys play with dolls, cooking sets, dollhouses, etc… as long as it’s not pink. I love gender neutral toys because boys don’t have to be ashamed to play with “girly” toys and girls won’t feel embarrassed to have interests outside of what is deemed “girly”.

Anyway, here is a collection of toys, books, gifts and more that I think all children can enjoy.

Books – There are soooo many great books for kids. Funny books like the Book with No Pictures. Empowering books like Rosie Revere, Engineer. Eductional books like National Geographic: Why? Popular books like Harry Potter. Toddler Books and Baby Books.

Building Toys – Most kids love to build and create. They’re ridiculously good at it too. There are a lot of building toys options like Magna Tiles, Marble Run, Keva, Gears.

Board Games – We love board games. I have a post completely dedicated to the best board games for kids by age. A few of our favorites are UNO, Labyrinth, Sequence, and Trouble.

Kinetic Sand/Play-doh – Again kids love to build and create, especially if it gets a little messy. Play-doh is always a big kit with kids. Kinectic Sand and Slime are also very popular with all kids.

Art Sets – Painting, drawing and coloring are always a big hit with kids. There are so many great kid friendly painting sets, drawing kits and fun coloring books.

Doll House – I particularly love a wooden doll house because it will last a lot longer.

Bath Toys – Every kid loves to play in the bath. Check out these fun bath toys.

Play Kitchen – I know my kids can play with play food in their play kitchen for hours.

Dishes – Not necessarily a toy but these cute dishes make meal time a lot more fun.

Classic Lego – LEGO offers hours of creative play for all kids. With the Classic LEGO set the possibilities are endless.

Coding Robot – Boys and Girls equally love to code. Check out this super awesome coding robot.

Harry Potter – Harry, Ron and Hermione agree that wizard’s wands, a flying snitch and a pet owl all make amazing gifts.

Little Tikes – The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is beloved by toddlers everywhere.

I’m sure there are thousands more toys that are perfect for both boys and girls but these are just a few of my favorites.

What are your favorite toys that all kids love?




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