House Update – 5 weeks till closing


We’re in the home stretch. By the time we close it will have been almost 8 months since we signed our contract to build this house. We are excited, nervous and not at all ready. We have 5 weeks until closing and we haven’t started packing at all.

Despite our lack of work to prepare for the move the builders are working hard and have made some exciting progress over the past week or so.

First, all of the drywall is finished. They did a very good job from what I can tell.

Next, they tiled the master bathroom. The flooring and shower is almost complete. We opted to stick with the standard vinyl floor in the laundry room and secondary bathroom (the boy’s bathroom). They also installed the vinyl floor.

The exterior is almost complete. They installed the correct color shutters, painted the columns and finished off all the trim work. Now we just need gutters, a garage door and the front door painted.

The interior doors and trim work are ready to be installed.


But the most exciting part is that our cabinets have been installed.

It’s really exciting to see our plans and all of the details we selected becoming a reality.

Moving day will be here before you know it. I guess I should start packing.


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