The Importance of Art

Photo Nov 09, 11 08 39 AMWhen we think about school we typically think of the core subjects of reading and math but we often over look the arts. The arts are deemed a luxury education yet art is an essential building block of childhood development. There are numerous benefits to arts being an essential part of a child’s education, everything from motor skills, problem solving, language development and cultural awareness.

I’m not a particularly gifted artist but I do have an appreciate for all of the arts and I hope my boys learn to appreciate the beauty this world has to offer. In the same way that I’m teaching my boys to observe and study nature (God’s art) I am also encouraging them to study man-made art. Painting, sculptures, music, plays, dance, literature, etc… there are so ways to expose children to the wonderfully creative world that we are a part of. I also want to encourage my children to participate and explore their creativity. Art has a way of allowing us to explore and express our emotions in ways that word can’t.



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