Sharing Mr. Rogers’ with my boys.

So by now you probably noticed that I write about Netflix a lot. I am a part of an awesome program called the Netflix Stream Team. I’m not really sure how I was selected to be on the Stream Team but it’s awesome. You see, I love Netflix and have had a Netflix account since about 2004 (long before the days of Netflix Streaming).

Confession, I think some of the movies in my queue have been there for about 10 years… maybe I’ll get around the watching them some day.

Being a part of the Stream Team has some perks but really I love that it gives me an excuse to write about my favorite shows and movies.

Currently, I’m ridiculously excited that they added Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood to streaming this month. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was my all-time favorite show when I was a kid. I used to change my shoes and put on my sweater at the beginning of every show, just like Fred Rogers. And like many of you, my favorite episode is the one where they tour the crayon factory. Obviously, this was the first episode I showed the boys last week.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 3.29.42 PM

The boys were fascinated by the show. And what amazed me was how simple it is. Just Mr. Rogers talking to them through the television. No fancy music or bright lights. No fast paced chase sequences or dance number. Just a regular guy talking to kids in simple language the children can understand and he’s just talking about every stuff like crayons and furniture and friends.

After watching a few episodes the children remarked that they recognized the music and asking if it was the same as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, which is the modern spin-off from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. I said, yes and they tried to match up the characters from the Land of Make Believe. (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is also on Netflix Streaming)

I love that Netflix has so many great shows and movies that I can share with my family, especially ones that hold a sentimental place in my heart like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.


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