Learning Multiplication with Super Genius

I’ve been slowly introducing multiplication to Jude in anticipation for this upcoming school year. We’ve learned skip counting and have discussed the concept of multiplication but we have only briefly touched on learning our multiplication tables.

I had a hard time memorizing my multiplication tables so I’m working diligently with Jude so he easily learn them.

We’ve started playing a new game from Blue Orange (the creators of Spot It!) called Super Genius: Multiplcation 1. The Super Genius line takes boring flash cards and turns them into a fun learning game. Super Genius Multiplication 1

The Super Genius lines offers several reading and math educational games. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Super Genius is a matching game that was developed hand-in-hand with learning professionals. Match words to their images, addition equations to their sums, and multiplication equations to their products. There is always 1 and only 1 match between any two cards. The challenge of discovering this first keeps kids engaged and having fun while they inadvertently practice problem-solving and linguistic skills.

I’m really loving this game. It’s challenging for both Jude and myself. Right now it requires that we both work together to find the answer since he’s not as familiar with his multiplication tables but eventually he’ll get the hang of it.

Super Genius Blue Orange

I also love that they have several different variations of the game so you can switch it up and increase the difficulty level as needed. Mulitplication 1 only include the Multiplication tables 2X to 5X which helps keep your options simple. Right now it’s ideal since we are just introducing Multiplication but I hope they include the larger multiplication tables for this game as I think it would be very beneficial.

The Super Genius Collection is currently comprised of 5 different games.

Addition, Multiplication, First Words, Reading 1 and Reading 2.


Super Genius Multiplication 1
Ages 8 & up
1 – 6 players

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