Counting Kingdom App Review


Jude loves math and is extremely gifted with problem-solving so I knew he would love the new Counting Kingdom Game from Little Worlds Interactive.

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About Counting KingdomThe Counting Kingdom is an educational game that encourages players to practice their addition skills in a playful and engaging way.  Kids play as the Apprentice, a brave young wizard who must save the kingdom from an invading horde of monsters.  Players will journey throughout the kingdom, building their math skills as they cast magical spells to defend against the monsters and rescue all the castles.

Jude gets really excited about the Counting Kingdom. He loves the adventure throughout the different regions of the Counting Kingdom in order to defend the kingdom from monsters.

The math starts out pretty simple with basic addition but progressive gets more difficult and challenges the player to use strategic problem-solving in addition to performing more advanced mathematical equations. At age 6, Jude is pretty advanced with his math skills and his problem-solving abilities which is great because the game progressively gets more difficult as you go along. For this reason, I think the base age for this game might be more appropriate for ages 7 or 8 even though it states ages 6-8. As a grown adult with a college degree, I find it intellectually challenging so I think a younger child might become easily frustrated with the level of difficulty. However, I think children that display advanced math skills and superb problem-solving abilities would really enjoy this game. The gameplay is very creative and visually pleasing, especially for children.

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Jude really loves all of the different options for solving the problems like the subtraction and addition potions, changing out spells, and deciphering different combinations that will yield higher results. Counting Kingdom builds excitement for mathematics and encourages players to engage with math rather than solve basic equations.

Download Counting Kingdom – $2.99

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