Don’t Throw Away Christmas Lights, Get the Light Keeper Pro.


Every year we throw away at least 1 strand of broken Christmas lights. Instead of throwing out entire strands of Christmas lights, we should use the Lightkeeper Pro to fix our lights.

light keeper pro

The Light Keeper Pro sends a pulse through the light set to find the defective shunt, fixes it, and allows the lights to work again.

Joe was super excited when we received the Light Keeper Pro because he always has trouble with broken Christmas lights. We replace the bulb but the lights still don’t work and it’s not just 1 light it’s an entire section or even a strand of lights.

Don’t throw away Christmas lights anymore, save Christmas with the Light Keeper Pro.


I received the featured product free of charge. All opinions stated are my own


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  1. I go back and forth really. Some years I really like the colored lights. Other years I am all about the white. I think the white years may win out though. Something about the classic look, I think. 🙂

  2. I grew up with white and like the elegance, but these days it’s all about the kid (& DH) and that means colorful. Truthfully, the tree is lovely either way. I might push for a switch back to white some day. 😉

  3. I like colored lights on my indoor tree but white outside when decorating.

  4. I like the colorful lights; also I prefer the older lights. I’m not really into the new LED lights; I think the colors look a bit weird.

  5. I decorate my garlands and most of the inside of my house with white, but the outside of my house has to be as colorful as possible!

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