Celebrate Father’s Day with Oreo

Oreo Father's Day

Joe is an amazing dad to our boys and I’m completely amazed at how much he does for his family. He is a wonderful dad deserving of many celebrations this Father’s Day.

Oreos is celebrating Fathers of all kinds this Father’s Day with a very cute song/video.

Why does the dad in your life deserve celebrating?

The giveaway Ends tonight at midnight 6/12/13


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  1. He deserves celebrating because he works so hard to give us the good things in life!

  2. My husband is a great Dad and he deserves celebrating because he works so hard

  3. My husband is a great father to our daughters. He deserves celebrating because he works hard to give them a good life

  4. My husband deserves to be celebrated because he is a great dad! He loves to play with his boys but also sets a great example with discipline and love 🙂 We love him and he loves Oreos!

  5. My dad deserves celebrating because he is kind and patient, always will hear what you have to say…just the best 🙂
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  6. This would be an awesome prize for my husband! Unfortunately my father is not in my life (he divorced by mother when I was 6 and in so doing, divorced me as well). My husband is the hardest working man I’ve ever known, and he spends every free moment he has with me and our 3 kids. He’s very dedicated to us and will move Heaven and Earth to make us happy. He’s one of a kind, for sure!

  7. My dad deserves to be celebrated because he was always a hard worker, & spent a lot of time with us teaching us to ride bikes, roller skate and to swim.

  8. He deserves celebrating because he makes sacrafices to take care of his family and always does what is right even when it is very hard to do it. Thanks.

  9. Hubby deserves celebrating for supporting our family and being very kind and generous.

  10. My husband is the most amazing Dad. Even though he works hard all day, he comes home and immediately starts playing with our 2 boys and plays with them until bedtime. I love that he tells them he loves them constantly through out the day. Before they go to bed, he has to give them a big hug and kiss and tell them he loves them. Both of my boys absolutely adore their Dad and I am always amazed at what a fantastic father he is…we are so lucky to have him in our life.

  11. My hubby goes away to work for months at a time,leaves his family to provide for us. He is great,and deserves celebrating 🙂

  12. My husband is amazing in every way and tries to be the best dad he can. Sadly my dad is no longer with us, so he is all we have.

  13. My husband deserves celebrating because he takes care of his own three girls and took on raising my three kids when we got together 11 years ago. He cooks for our family almost every night and makes sure we see the humor in everything. Thanks.

  14. The dad in my life is my husband. He has been such a wonderful father over the years to our two daughters. Even though our daughters are grown adults now, he has never stopped being a dad and is always there for them whenever needed.

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