Getting Over the Flu and Sharing Some Cute Pics

I have been sick for almost 10 days now, and very scarce online. For the first time in many years I caught the flu in all it’s glory and let me tell you has been no picnic. What was supposed to be a fairly short run of the flu then developed into a sinus infection, thanks to my defective sinuses (I’m missing several sinus cavities that most people have which puts extra strain on the existing sinuses.)

I am extremely grateful that Joe has been able to work from home while I’ve been recovering. He is such an awesome dad, husband and provider for our family.

Amidst all of the crazy sickness that’s been plaguing our family we were able to get a few holiday photos taken. I had fun editing the photos so I wanted to show off so of my editing handy work and my human making handy work! hehe





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