Birth Stories: The Story of Molly’s Arrival

Over the next few weeks I hope to post some encouraging and inspiring birth stories from friends and readers. If you have a birth story you would like to include please email me: [email protected]

Today’s Birth Story is from Emily from Full to Overflowing


Well…here it is. It has taken me a while to type it up and actually post it. Life with two kiddos has given me a run for my money–but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Here is Molly’s amazing birth story.

Thursday, April 21st, I went to bed like any other night. No sign of labor in sight. At 2:30 on Friday morning, April 22nd I woke up with a little cramp and felt what I thought was a trickle of water. I got up and sat on the toilet and the water kept coming out. It took me a few minutes to determine if it was water or I was just using the bathroom. As I sat there I was having very mild contractions come and go. I decided to wake up Tim and let him know what I thought was happening. We were actually staying in a hotel room because the week before there was a tornado and we were displaced from our condo. I told him to go ahead and call his mom and tell her to start making her way to the hotel so we could go to the hospital. She lives almost an hour away so I wanted her on her way just in case and knew she would understand if we got to the hospital and, in fact, my water had not broken. The more I stood there, though, the more I became 100% sure that my water had broken. I decided it would be a good idea for me to go ahead and drive myself to the hospital while Tim waited for his mom. I grabbed a towel and hopped in the car. The 10 minute drive to the hospital took forever and I seemed to hit every red light on the way. Just as I was pulling in to the hospital parking lot, I saw the blue lights behind me (I guess I was driving pretty fast). Needless to say, I got out of that ticket and was actually escorted by the cop into the ER. By this time the contractions were around 3 minutes apart and pretty intense. I had to check in at the ER and then they wheeled me up to triage in the birth center. I was checked once in triage and I was 5 centimeters dilated. The contractions were one on top of the other. I’m pretty sure Tim called me while I was in triage and I also called my mom to tell her this was it. Mom was on her way and Tim was too. The nurses at Wake Med were awesome because they already had my chart and saw my birth plan which was pretty specific. I wanted to go med free. They never mentioned anything of pain meds to me and were so encouraging! They were awesome! When I was done in triage they walked me (and made me walk!) to the delivery room. When we got to the delivery room the nurse checked me and told me to push a few times (so by that I assume I was fully dilated). The pain was INTENSE….I pushed a few times and the nurse called the doctor. I am pretty sure I talked to Tim one more time between pushes and he was in the parking lot. He was on his way! Once the doctor walked in I know I pushed a few times and then I heard Tim and his mom walk in. I had my eyes closed pretty much the whole time once in the delivery room. Maybe that was my way of coping with the pain—not sure. After Tim walked in Molly was out in three more pushes…she was born at 4:33 a.m. They placed her on my chest and she stayed there for a good while. I was also able to breastfeed her right away and she latched on like a pro! I was able to walk from the delivery room to my postpartum room—the nurse commented on how they don’t see that often. After just one night in the hospital we were released to go home.

We are now home with Molly as a family of four. We are all trying to find our groove (especially Emma). Each day comes with its challenges—but the blessings far outweigh those.Tim and I are blessed to have two beautiful, healthy girls and I truly feel like our family is complete. God is good!

Meet Emily
Hi, my name is Emily.  I am a follower of Jesus, wife to Tim, full time mom to Emma (4) and Molly (1) and a part time legal assistant.  I love my family, crisp fall days and coffee.  When I’m not wrangling kids or working, you can find me dreaming about our next cruise or up-cycling my latest yard sale find.


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