Our New Van and Some Thoughts on Prayer

Yesterday we bought a new van. When I say new I mean “new to us”. We upgraded from a 1998 Dodge Caravan with no AC, a tape deck and manual windows to a 2004 Honda Odyssey with power everything, super cold AC and a DVD player. You’d think we had won the lottery.

We got a really great deal on the van and did a very thorough inspection before buying it but I still have slight concern that we overlooked something that will cost us big time. Thankfully we were able to pay cash for the van and don’t have a car payment. So now we just have to trust that God brought along the right van for us.

When we started looking for a van we prayed that God would bring along just the right van for our family. We were very specific in our prayer so that when the right van came along we would know it.

We wanted:
2004 Honda Odyssey
Low Miles
Good Engine/Transmission
DVD Player
Around $5-6K

The van we bought completely met those requirements and then some. God is such a good daddy that delights in meeting even our most simple needs.

I’m not into a health and wealth gospel but I do believe that when we pray we should pray specifically, not so we’ll get exactly what we want, but so we’ll be assured that it was truly God that answered our prayer.

What are you praying for?


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