Jude’s Halloween Costume from Just Kid Costumes

Jude loves to dress up in costumes and he absolutely loves Halloween. Just recently Jude and Joe have started watching the animated Spider-man series on Netflix. So I thought he would like to be Spider-man for Halloween. We ordered his Spider-man costume from Just Kid Cotumes, they have a great selection of quality costumes for kids. 

It took Jude a little time to warm up to the costume but once daddy put on his Halloween costume Jude was more than enthusiastic about putting on his Spider-man costume. I think he makes the cutest Spider-man ever.

Spider-man, Spider-man doing whatever a spider does.


I’ve found that most Halloween costumes can be made from cheap material and poor craftsmanship. Understandably most costumes have a brief use period but kids are rough on their costumes and often like to wear them as often as possible so I appreciate that Jude’s costume seem more durable than most other costumes. I think the built in muscles give it a little more structure. The closure in the back is two small Velcro tabs which make it easy for young children to take on and off. The mask makes it easy for kids to put on and still see and breathe, which is kind of important! Overall, it’s a solid costume that I would recommend for others. The price of $35 may seem a little high for a Halloween costume but I think it’s a pretty good deal especially if you child plans to wear the costume more than once.
I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.

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